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Kalista's journey

I’m fascinated by exploring all of the different shapes and forms of connection and sex.

I dedicated the last six full years to my professional education in sexuality, connection, embodiment, intimacy, healing trauma, and letting go of shame. My education includes various meditation and movement practices, plant medicine, breathwork, shadow work, Gestalt psychology, family constellations, therapy through art, and power dynamic play.

Born in Eastern Europe, I was the first child in my family born in a free country. This created challenges that weighed on me throughout childhood and into adulthood. These challenges led me on an enriching healing journey, which has been a precious gift that uniquely shaped me into the intuitive healer that I am today. I have dedicated my life to growth, living from passion, and building healthy perspectives and habits. It’s an honor and passion of mine to help others in doing the same.

I love holding space to witness how beautifully and naturally people transform themselves when in a caring, loving, and accepting environment.

I have a long history of working with the Somatica Institute, which trains and certifies experiential sex coaches. I completed their advanced training in 2017 and have been on staff since, helping students become Somatica-oriented therapists and counselors. I’m also certified as a habit developer of a year-long program for creating wanted habits and behaviors through self-discipline and self-motivation.

I joyfully teach a workshop called “Women in charge” for empowerment in dominance and getting what you want in the bedroom. I also take pleasure in co-teaching classes on female ejaculation.

Fun facts about me: I recharge in nature. I enjoy my daily art and movement practice. In my 20s I completed acting school and worked at the Academy of Art.​


Kalista is an amazing, creative, open-minded and open-hearted human being with incredible intuition and a huge capacity to hold space, support, and offer her guidance coming from her deep wisdom, experience, and ability to look at everything with curiosity, love, and acceptance. She makes a person feel really seen, respected, and empowered, which are crucial on the path of healing and growth. She is the embodiment of the pure joy of life combined with deep old-soul wisdom. I recommend Kalista with all my heart and soul and I am filled with gratitude for having her in my life.
Kalista is truly an excellent coach. What’s so special about her is that she always leads with her vulnerability so that I felt safe opening up and, at her prompting, finding my own insights. She guided me to find my strengths and examine what might be tripping me up. Having the experience of tapping into my own wisdom repeatedly, over time, was super empowering. Kalista’s humility made it possible and her fun-loving nature made it enjoyable.
Kalista is one of the most talented coaches I have ever worked with. She was able to help me process some of the deepest emotional wounds I've had, including wounds that have been there for 30+ years. There are healers who say that no topic is off the table and there is nothing that you can't discuss with them. But many of them just smile and nod their way through those discussions. Kalista was able to ask me really tough questions about some of the hardest feelings I've ever had to go through - a process that helped me make sense of difficult times, regain my sense of perspective, and make the empowered decisions I needed to make. Most of all, I have to say, she has helped me achieve peace of mind. As one of my friends said about peace of mind - nothing beats it. And, so far, nothing beats her for me on the topics we've explored together. She's outstanding and I would recommend her heartily to people interested in doing extremely deep transformational work.
Janet C.
San Francisco
Kalista can hold space for me in such a clear way that I could physically let lots of my feelings be felt. When she felt there was more she tenderly allowed more space, which allowed a deep sadness space to be felt by me. Sobbing, I cried like never before. She held me while I cried more. An amazing feeling. All my feelings were accepted and encouraged. She was able to see things present within myself that I could not. Because of Kalista’s quiet and very capable skills with my core deep roots of pain, I was able to recognize it, let myself and her hold space for it, and let go of it. This coaching time with her and past ones resonates with me even a year+ later. And her skillfully holding space then continues to help me now. So good, so healthy being held emotionally and physically while in pain. I trust Kalista, she has an amazing talent to work with people, and definitely recommend her with all my heart.
San Jose


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Who do you work with?

Anyone who is ready to dive into self-exploration with my help and guidance.

I work with an open mind and heart to all humans – all gender, nationalities, relationship styles are welcome and safe here.

My sweet spot and genius zone is working with counselors/coaches and supporting them in reaching even greater depths of self-discovery, healing, and expression of their gifts. I especially love being a resource and amplifier for those doing impactful healing work in the world, and helping people expand their capacity to hold themselves and others.

Ultimately, my door is open to all. If you’re curious and notice a call to work with me, reach out and let’s have a chat.


How does it work?

We can connect in person or via Zoom for a 55 min session, during which we will focus on what you would like to work on. We will go at a pace that suits you.

Or dive deep into a weekend immersion. Reach out to inquire more and set up a 15 minute consultation call to see if it is a good fit for you.


How long do I need to see you?

Everyone is different and has a different set of needs, blocks and pace they like to grow and explore themselves. Once I get to know you I can suggest a timeline for our work.


What is the price?

55 min counseling session -$250
75 min session -$350
For day-long or weekend immersions, classes and workshops- please inquire for more details and pricing.

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We can connect in person or via Zoom for a 55 min session, during which we will focus on what you would like to work on. We will go at a pace that suits you.

Or dive deep into a weekend immersion. Reach out to inquire more and set up a 15 minute consultation call to see if it is a good fit for you.

My location

In person in Oakland California or via Zoom

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